5 Coffee Facts You Probably Won’t Know

Most of us drink the stuff every day, but how much do you really know about the delicious brown liquid that is coffee?

Well, you probably know that it wakes you up in the morning and keeps you going during the day, and maybe that’s enough. But if not, read on to find out a few fantastic facts about coffee that you can bore all your friends with.

1. The phenomenon of drinking coffee with milk started in the 1600’s when a French doctor prescribed café au lait to his patients. Hats off to you, Doc!

Coffee with milk pour shot

2. Guess how many cups of coffee are consumed across the world in just one day? Nope, higher. Higher again. Over 2.25 BILLION cups are drunk all over the globe, every single day. That’s one hell of a caffeine buzz.

is it me or is the planet shaking drinking coffee

3. Researchers have found a way to use spent coffee grounds to produce fuel. That’s right, you’re coffee could not only fuel you, but maybe even your vehicle. In the future, it could even be used on a large scale, which in turn could power your coffee machine. It’s the circle of life.

Coffee grounds as fuel in cup

4. Ever wondered where we get the word ‘coffee’? Well wonder no longer: It all started with the Arabic “qahhwat al-bunn”, meaning “wine of the bean”, which was then shortened to “qahwa”. The Turkish borrowed this word, changing it to “kahve”. Then the Dutch decided to have a go, modifying it again to “koffie”. Finally the English had a go and we ended up with “coffee”. Pretty interesting, no?

Stirring coffee unimpressed

5. Lastly, according to legend, the energy inducing properties of coffee were discovered in the 9th century when an Ethiopian goat farmer witnessed his goats eating coffee berries and subsequently going a little bit mad.

Mural of crazed goats eating coffee berries

This post was written by Paul Drury, coffee lover and writer at Jackson Green Coffee.

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