Coffee – what is it good for?

IMG_8203Absolutely loads of stuff.  Coffee is amazing and never ceases to amaze us in its breadth of use. Most of us know it as an exceptional drink, a great way of waking up and getting the old grey matter firing.

It can work as an incredible aroma alone, smelling rich and deep and complicated.

It can be adapted in a number of different ways and drinks, from espressos to cappuccinos to lattes to frappuccinos and any other number of heavily customised high street beverages.

It can be smothered in chocolate as a snack, and can even be a key ingredient in cake.

If that’s where you start to run dry of what coffee is good for, then you have far too little time on your hands.

Have you never peered into the bottom of a cafetiere and wondered if you could do anything with those grounds? Well, you can.  In fact, there are a tons of weird and wonderful uses for coffee.

We’ve compiled just a few here and you’re welcome to try them, but, erm, don’t blame us if things don’t turn out quite as advertised.

1. Palate cleanser

Some perfume counters have a dish of coffee beans to ‘cleanse the nostrils’ between samples. This helps to enable sensitive smelling for each perfume.

2. Garden fertiliser

Used tea and coffee can be thinly spread to act as a slow-release fertiliser and key compost ingredient, returning nutrients to the soil. Smells nicer than regular fertiliser too.






3. Furniture fixer

Mixing 2 to 3 tablespoons of instant coffee (usually horrible anyway) with enough water creates a thick sealing paste usable in DIY jobs. For wood, add a few drops of iodine. Use it to fill any cracks, allow the paste to dry completely, then buff with furniture wax. Genius.

4. Hair product

Coffee is a hair product?! Damn straight. Massaging a handful of used coffee grounds into wet hair will feel strange, as will you, rubbing sandy grit against your scalp. But apparently the grainy substance can actually be good for your hair, effective in removing any product build-up to leave your locks smooth and glossy. Be careful using it on bleached or light hair though, as you might end up with a streak of unwanted colour.

5. Artistic implement

Ever tried drawing with coffee beans, or creating a magnificent piece of art from the grounds.  No, ok, us neither. But we bet it’s possible.

6. As a drink

If none of the above works for you, perhaps stick to using it as warm and comforting brew to pep you up.  For this use, Coffee Bay is best and you can buy some on this website.

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