Coffee Machines

astoria-mazzer-logos-latestJackson Green Coffee is proud to distribute a high-end range of coffee machines and grinders, produced by Astoria, Bravilor, Bunn, Mazzer and Rocket Espresso.

We provide a genuinely broad range of machines and grinders.  Whether you’re seeking a small machine for your home or office, or a more substantial piece of equipment for a busy high street outlet, we have the answer.

Most of our machines are designed with energy efficiency in mind, which can translate to energy savings as high as 47 per cent.

Our full range of coffee machines and grinders is shown below, and we also offer comprehensive packages for coffee machine rental.

Looking for coffee? You can find a full selection of coffees, teas and syrups in our shop.

Specialist maintenance

A limited warranty is included when you buy a machine from us, covering you against potential issues. As one of very few distributors with the in-house expertise to offer this service, we would dispatch a skilled engineer in the event of a break down, helping to repair your machine and keep the coffee flowing.

Available to buy or rent: Espresso, Bulk Brew & Filter Machines / Coffee Grinders.